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Whether you're new to the sport or a seasoned bowler, Salem Bowl makes it easy to find the league to match your interests and skill level. With family, kids, senior, specialty leagues and more — we've got a league for everyone! Invite a group of family, friends or co-workers and we'll help you start your own league.

We have fall Leagues forming! If you are interested in seeing which leagues are going on this Summer, click the link below!


Salem Bowl Family Fun Center - offer tournaments year round for families, individual and mixed competition. Our tournaments are always fun and competitive. Register for a tournament today. To register for a tournament stop by a Salem Bowl Family Fun Center near you and ask about our tournaments at the front desk or call 618-548-3448.

Monthly No-Tap Saturday Nights 7pm - It's back once every month!

King of the Hill - Sponsored by Storm Bowling Products

Wednesdays at 7pm

Begins May 9th

*Nightly Payout

*King from previous week rolls high qualifier for current week

*Receie points each week (Leading point winner gets new Storm Ball)

*All kings and top 12 bowl Point Leaders bowl for the Championship

*First Place $500 based on 18 bowlers per week

*Youth Bowlers welcome to compete for Smart Scholarships

*Handicaps will be based league average for the first three weeks  then King of the Hill average after the first three

  • Monday
  • Tuesday
  • Wednesday
  • Thursday
  • Friday
Day League Name League Type # Per Team Meeting Time
Monday Monday Morning Ladies Ladies 3 8:45 AM 8/27/18
Monday Monday Men Men / Women 5 6:45 PM 8/20/18


Day League Name League Type # Per Team Meeting Time
Tuesday High School League Youth 3 3:45 PM 8/28/18
Tuesday Youth League Youth 4 5:30 PM 9/4/18
Tuesday Summer No Tap League Mixed 4 Returns Summer 2019
Day League Name League Type # Per Team Meeting Time
Wednesday Afternoon Ladies League Ladies 4 12:00 PM 8/29/18
Wednesday Youth League Youth - Ages 5-14 2 5:00pm 9/5/18
Wednesday Bert Elliott Memorial League Men / Women 5 6:45 PM 8/22/18
Wednesday King of the Hill (Sponsored by Storm Bowling Products) Men / Women Individual 6:45 PM



Day League Name League Type # Per Team Meeting Time
Thursday Thursday Social League Mixed 5 6:45 PM 8/23/18
Thursday Thursday Trio League Mixed 3 6:45 PM 8/30/18
Thursday Thursday Summer Doubles Jackpot Mixed 2 Cancelled
Day League Name League Type # Per Team Meeting Time
Friday TGIF League Mixed 4 6:45 PM 8/24/18

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    Lud's Pro Shop

    We stock many of the Current Bowling Accessories. Those that are not in stock are available in one business day. We are very competitive we are pricing and usually beat most internet pricing. Drilling of internet balls available.

    If you are looking for a special item just call 618-548-3448 for pricing.

    All-Time Records

    High Scores & Series 2016-17 (Click for Here)

    Ladies 700 Club

    Sharon Hamblin 712
    Norma Brooks 703
    Kathy Middleton 701
    Carissa Altom 708

    Ladies 270 Club

    Katy White 279
    Marla Tolliver 279
    Linda Kniker 278
    Barb Bickers 278
    Kathy Middleton 277
    Penny Jeter 275
    Brandie Uselman 279
    Carissa Altom 289

    300 Club

    Steve Ludwig 300, 300, 300, 300
    Cody Dononho 300, 300, 300
    Brayton Becktell 300
    Kenny Hays 300, 300, 300
    Troy Morton 300
    Ed Dennis 300
    Randy Hempen 300, 300, 300
    Cy Fogliasso 300, 300
    Eric Henderson 300
    Randy Westbrook 300, 300, 300, 300, 300
    Mike Swift 300, 300, 300
    Herk Leyrle 300
    Bill Bachmann 300
    John VanHoutin 300
    Rob Bachmann 300
    Tracy Cheatum 300
    Bud Grooms 300
    Steve Hatch 300
    Gerry Schubert 300
    Scott Wessling 300, 300
    Don Arnett 300
    Dave Kell 300
    Scott Daugherty 300
    Chad Storey 300
    Neely Reed 300
    Dan Nicklin 300, 300
    Matt Caruth 300
    Brad Helm 300
    David Pickett 300
    Chris Smith 300, 300 300
    Brandon Chapman 300 300 300
    Jason Comper 300
    Dylan Plahm 300
    Bill Hummel 300
    Justin Hess 300 300 300
    Joey Tolliver 300
    Brayton Becktell 300

    Mens 800 Series

    Derrick Beard 840
    Randy Westbrook 836, 812
    Justin Hess 827, 800
    Randy Hempen 824, 815
    Brand McPherson 824
    Eric Hamilton 820
    Steve Ludwig 817, 804, 800
    Joey Tolliver 816
    Alan Profancik Jr 814, 802, 800
    Dan Nicklin 812
    Jeff Hempen 804
    Ed Dennis 804
    Chris Smith 802
    Cy Foigasso 802
    Ryan Mooney 802
    Mike Swift 800

    Bowling 2.0


    Salem Bowl Offers Coaching by Steve Ludwig
    Past PBA Member
    Silver Level Usbc Coach

    Dick Ritger Level 1

    Boys and Girls High School Coach - Youth Instructor

    Lessons Include:

    Grip Evalution
    Ball Arsenal Evaluation
    Contemporary Spare Shooting System
    Bowlers Map Digital Coaching Technology
    Complete Lesson Action Plan and Drills

    Contact Information
    Steve Ludwig
    Salem Bowl

    Bowl Better Seminar
    League Bowlers Only
    Limited to First 12 men and Women

    Includes: Grip Analysis, Oil Pattern Discussion, Spare System, Video Analysis, Approach Analysis.

    Join the Club

    Access exclusive event invites, special offers and more