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Mali Dai Jia cool black eyeliner pen Sugan
  An ultra-practical eyeliner ray ban clubmaster pen, nib tapering no bifurcation, easy to use, free to draw any eye lines. Cool black color, the color is high. It is worth mentioning that the drying is very good, do not have to worry about the blink of an eye and make-up, and totally zero blooming, durable water-resistant anti-oil-good, farewell because of the hot weather and the ray ban clubmaster sunglasses emergence of faint black eye makeup.
  Guerlain Diamond sparkling six-color eye shadow
  Perfect color combination for all eye colors and brightness. "With the same color," "elegant" and "smoked", a variety of color combinations to choose from, for your ray ban clubmaster cheap beautiful eyes bring colorful makeup, to meet the needs of all kinds of makeup.
  Digital tide products
  Of course, used the camera to record the most exciting moments, a good camera is a freeze-frame moment the best "weapon." Many MM is not a professional photography background, reporters who Changqiangduanbao naturally less suitable. Below this entry-level camera is the most suitable for watching a game cheap ray ban clubmaster of MM.
  Pentax K-30
  K-30 black single body price of $ 850, is a high-performance SLR has waterproof camera, equipped with a 16.3 million-pixel APS-C format CMOS sensor that provides continuous shooting speeds of up to 6 / sec, SR with body image stabilization, support for full HD 1080p 30fps video capture function, waterproof function is to let the camera's ability ray ban polarized clubmaster to adapt to the environment greatly improved. Even in the rain to watch the outdoor event, you can always shoot. At the same time look quite fashionable and have a variety of colors to choose from, it is suitable for fashionable MM.