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December 4, Intel will jointly develop the global eyewear industry giant Luxottica smart glasses. This is also the field of wearable devices Intel in another attempt.
  It is reported that the two companies work together cheap ray ban sunglasses to create the first product to be released in 2015.
  ? Intel CEO Brian Brian Krzanich said: "The development of wearable technology innovation make it a new arena by working with Luxottica, we will integrate the two ecosystems in the combination of the two companies. After expertise, we hope to further promote the pace of innovation, breaking the limit. "
  also pointed out: "We ordered our smart glasses richer artistic sense possible conditions, these products can help us find the real cause of the gradual smart consumers need glasses."
  ? Luxottica CEO Massimo Vian (Massimo Vian) said ray bans for cheap: "The two companies will mark our cooperation will be a whole new way of looking at optical products."
  As a high-end glasses and sports eyewear leader, Luxottica owns many well-known brands such as Ray-Ban (Ray-Ban), Persol and Oakley (Oakley). In collaboration with Intel is not market its first entry into the smart glasses. In March this year, Luxottica announced a partnership with Google (microblogging), introduced a new design for the Google glasses. Luxottica will come Ray-Ban and Oakley brands such as cooperation with Google, and its related products will also be released in 2015.
  The company also said it will provide Google eyewear cheap ray bans product distribution channels, through its own retail outlets LensCrafters and Sunglass Hut sales Google glasses.
  Luxottica CEO Vian said that the cooperation with Intel does not mean the end of cooperation with Google, its cooperative relationship with the two differ. Vian said: "Google glasses is a specific project that we jointly developed with Intel and cooperation, it is to explore new possibilities, to see if you can develop out of the new technology applied to buy cheap ray bans or provided to a number of brands."
  Media had also reported that Intel will replace the Texas Instruments became the Google glasses chip suppliers. In addition, Intel also plans for hospitals, manufacturers and other businesses to promote the Google glasses, while the development of the new office will feature Google glasses.
  In the mobile market, Intel late admission. In May 2013 appointed the new CEO decided not to allow such a tragedy from happening again in the field of wearable.Since taking office, the company began to pay ray ban cheap sunglasses attention to wearable devices, and made a lot of achievements in chip research and development, such as ultra-small processors Quark, wearable device miniature circuit board Edison and the processor and cellular communication functions integrate SoFIA chips.